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What are Orthodontics ?

Orthodontic treatment is designed to realign and correct the look of your smile. Regardless of your age, it's never too late to start loving how you look. We customize each patient's treatment plan so that you receive the care specific to your needs. Our goal is to make orthodontics as affordable and easy for you as possible

There are a couple of problems that come with having crooked or crowded teeth. The first issue is that your self - esteem can be impacted, and you might avoid smiling because of the way that you look. Another big problem is that it might be difficult or even impossible for you to completely clean and floss your teeth. This can lead to areas of tooth decay, gingivitis and even gum disease.

McGarrell Orthodontics

Who is a good candidate for Orthodontics?

We will examine your teeth to determine if and when you'd benefit the most from orthodontic treatment. There is no right age when it comes to having the work done. For parents, it's a good idea to bring children in for their first orthodontic consultation around the time they are seven to nine years old. For adults, it's never too late to start loving how your smile looks.

McGarrell Orthodontics

What happens during Orthodontic treatment?

  • The clear aligner trays can be easily removed for eatingand drinking
  • Thereare fewer food restrictions compared to other treatments
  • Theclear aligners can be easily cleaned or rinsed, The clear aligners are smoothand comfortable, and do not cause any gum or mouth irritation
  • The clear aligners are easy to remove to play sports or a musical instrument
  • This treatment builds confidence and improve self-esteem
  • Clearaligners are a discrete treatment and have no brackets are wires

If you think you would benefit from orthodontic treatment and want to learn more, call the office today so that one of our staff members can further assist you.