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Replacement Retainers

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Wearing a retainer after having orthodontic repair is crucial in maintaining your smile. Unfortunately, retainers are long-lasting but aren't meant to last an entire lifetime. Because of this, it's not terribly uncommon for a patient to come in five to ten years after having the retainer made complaining that it has broken or chipped.

Orthodontic Replacement Retainer Schertz
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Why You Might Need Retainer Repair

There are several reasons for why you might need or want to have a retainer repaired. Some of these reasons include:

• The retainer has broken entirely

• The retainer has chipped or fractured in spots

• The retainer is looking old and worn, needing replacement

• The retainer has an odor to it or is stained and needs to be replaced

Orthodontic Replacement Retainer Schertz, TX
McGarrell Orthodontics

Why It's Important to Repair Your Retainer

While it's easy enough to roll your eyes at a broken retainer, especially years after having to wear one, it can be problematic if the retainer goes unworn. Your teeth can and will shift, relatively quickly, so that your smile is no longer straight and beautiful. Once this happens, additional orthodontic work will be needed just to get the teeth back into position and another retainer created for you. Before this is allowed to happen, it's important that you have your existing retainer repaired or replaced entirely so that you can enjoy many more years of a beautiful, straight smile. Retainer repair can be done quickly, easily and relatively affordably.

Orthodontic Replacement Retainer Schertz

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