Metal and Clear (Ceramic) Braces for Adults and Children

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What are Braces?

Traditional wire and bracket orthodontics can be especially beneficial for patients with moderate to even severe crowding, misalignment and malocclusion problems. Braces can be attached to the teeth to help reposition and realign them for a straighter, healthier smile. Brackets work in conjunction with a thin metal wiring that is adjusted at each of your orthodontic appointments. This traditional orthodontic option is ideal for kids, teens and even adults undergoing treatment.

McGarrell Orthodontics

Who is a candidate for Braces?

It is not uncommon to have teeth that aren't perfectly straight. With severe crowding and misalignment, it can even be difficult to keep your teeth clean. We can perform an exam to determine if you might benefit from braces. Braces are affixed to the teeth until they are professionally removed, so they're ideal for patients of all ages.

McGarrell Orthodontics

What happens during treatment with Braces?

  • The clear aligner trays can be easily removed for eatingand drinking
  • Thereare fewer food restrictions compared to other treatments
  • Theclear aligners can be easily cleaned or rinsed, The clear aligners are smoothand comfortable, and do not cause any gum or mouth irritation
  • The clear aligners are easy to remove to play sports or a musical instrument
  • This treatment builds confidence and improve self-esteem
  • Clearaligners are a discrete treatment and have no brackets are wires

If you would like to learn more about braces, call us today so that we can get you in for a quick and convenient appointment.